If you have been sending emails to your prospects or customers for a while now, you surely understand how important it is for a marketer to record high open rates. The average email open rate, according to a recent report, is 22.87 percent. However, with the best email subject lines, a savvy marketer can get much higher open rates. Try the following seven tricks to boost your open rates.

1. Include Numbers

There is a good reason top-10 lists are popular. People like to scan documents and are easily drawn to numbers. Including numbers in your email-subject lines also make your messages to be unique and stand out from the crowd.

2. Ask a Clear Question

Questions immediately raise the curiosity of your customers. And that increases the odds that many people will read your email.

3. Demonstrate Urgency

Your customers need to feel that they need to open the email right away. A delay to act swiftly may result in them missing out on amazing opportunities. However, bear in mind that urgency can only be consequential if your subject suggests your content is relevant and offers value.

4. Begin with the Most Important Words

Recent studies have shown that 53 percent of emails today are read on mobile devices. Therefore, given that it’s not easy to tell how much of your subject line will be seen by your customers, it is only necessary to begin writing your subject line with the most relevant, important words. At the same time, this will help you to catch the attention of all your customers much more easily. As you may probably know, people prefer to read from left to right.

5. Get Personal or Emotional

Anytime you add some personal information to your subject line or get somewhat emotional; you increase the chance of your emails getting opened. To get personal, include things such as city names and geographical regions. You can also trigger the right emotions in your audience by using sensory language. The language can help to make your writing more realistic and descriptive.

6. Create Scarcity

“Last Chance!” emails and “Final Days” emails are always so effective. This is so because no one wants to miss out on a good thing. This type of subject line can include unusual punctuation and numbers to make them stand out further. You can also include a deadline to help convey a sense of greater agency.

7. Personalize Your Emails

There are many ways to do this. One great way is to include the name of the receiver in the subject line. Words like “Mr.” “Mrs.” or “dear” are too generic and so avoid them. Other than the specific person’s name, you can use the name of the individual’s company or website. This way, they will get more interested in what you have to put across.

Crafting a catchy email subject line is, without doubt, an ongoing process. You can take some time before you find what works best for you. But these seven tricks to email marketing are a great way to paint a clear picture of what you should do to boost your open rates.

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